10 ways you know your obsessed with this year’s Love Island

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We swore this year that we wouldn’t let the popular ITV2 show take over our social lives, but we are only a week and a bit into it and we are already hooked. Shamefully we have declined plans with friends and family as they collide with the 9pm kick off time. And for those wondering… NO we can’t watch on +1 an hour late or record it, don’t you know the internet is flooded with memes and spoilers, and the WhatsApp group chats are lit for an hour straight.

There is nothing more satisfying this summer than getting settled by 9pm every night with a chilled bottle of Petite Prosecco and watching numerous people we don’t know in a villa. BLISS.

Here are 10 reasons we already know we are hooked on this year’s series…

  1. The group chat is always on fire.

Make sure your phone is fully charged by 9pm because your group chats are about to go off. If you don’t look at your phone for the hour, then be prepared for 13104 unread messages.


  1. Your developing a new language

Okay so maybe ‘Muggled Off’ hasn’t really catched on just yet (sorry Niall) but we are still using the classics such as ‘Grafting’  and ‘My type on paper.’

  1. Your always ‘Busy’ from 9pm -10pm

When that cute guy messages, set your status to busy, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, who cares any excuse will work when you need down time and no time for none love island related conversations. ‘I will be with my bottle of Petite Prosecco on the sofa with love island if anyone important needs me.’

  1. You will talk to literally anyone

Soon as you hear someone discussing last night’s episode, you have to butt in, share your views. Your making new friends where ever you go due to the show.

  1. Your feeling real emotions to people you know even know

Adam, Hayley your blood boils at the mention of their name. Dr Alex, Jack, Dani pulling on our heart strings. The list can go on…


  1. You actually shout out loud to your TV

Yes, the feelings are real, you actually answer back to your on TV. Do you care? Absolutely not!


  1. Saturday nights are the worst.

What on earth are we meant to do without Love Island? Go out, actually socialise? No thanks… We will stick to the weekly roundup Hot List and a few bottles of Guilt Free Petite Prosecco.

  1. Your camera roll is just full of Memes

There’s too many good memes surfing the internet to not save and send in the group chat. Do we delete them? Hell No!

  1. Your search history is quite embarrassing

“is Laura really 29” “Where have I seen Adam before” and “is Adam really 22” being the top obvious searches.

  1. Your already nervous for the series ending.

How on earth will we go back to normality after these 8 weeks? What will we watch every night? Do we have to go back socialising? Please no, pass a bottle of Petite Prosecco to drown our sorrows already! 

Thankfully we are only a week into the new series and there are sure to be all sorts of love and drama to come. We are counting down the hours until 9pm tonight, our bottle of Petite Prosecco is already chilling, and we cannot wait!


Are you addicted to Love Island? Drop us a comment and let us know.


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