11 reasons for you to smile!

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We always say it’s the little things in life that should make us smile. Here are our reasons you should be smiling today and every other day.

1. A sunny morning.
Waking up when the sun beams is one of life’s pleasures, treasure this sunny day. For us, it makes work easier, the day go quicker and leaves us in a happy mood.
2. Making it to the middle of the working week.
That means we are nearly at the weekend, the hardest part of the week is done, and the rest should hopefully go quicker and easier for you.
3. Petite Prosecco has 10% off
Use code BUBBLES for 10% off all Petite Prosecco. Hurry though, it ends Friday!
4. Finding Money in an old bag or jacket.
The excitement as you slip your hand into your old jacket or bag and pull out £5. We know the feeling and it’s something quite special. Money to spend on Petite Prosecco. YAY!
5. Getting pampered.
As a female, one of life’s greatest things is getting our hair, nails, waxing etc done whilst indulging with a nice cold glass of prosecco. 
6. Guilt Free Drinking
Friday is here, and it’s been a tough week in work, but you don’t want to break the diet, what do you do? Get yourself some Petite Prosecco, being lower in calories, sugar yet still 10.5% ABV you can de-stress the way you want too and stay on track with your diet. Read out 5 reasons why you should try Petite Prosecco here.
7. Pay Day
The last Friday of every month is our favourite Friday, we can finally purchase more Petite Prosecco, YAY! When’s yours?
8. Finding a new series to binge.
There is nothing better than having a weekend full of nothing to do and discovering a brand-new series with 4 or more seasons that hooks you in. Time for a full-on TV binge with some nice cold Petite Prosecco.
9. Booking a Holiday
We love spending weeks and weeks searching for the perfect location, and then finally getting it booked. We also use this as the perfect excuse to crack open a bottle of Petite Prosecco. Start our holidays, early right?
10. Finishing work everyday
We love the feeling of the last 10 minutes in work, finally home time comes, and your true self can come out. (As well as the ice-cold bottle of Petite Prosecco you have stored in your fridge)
11. A girl’s night out (or in)
We know the struggle of getting the girls together for a night out can be a nightmare. Half the team drops out, half need baby sitters and the other half are just itching for a night out. But when the whole troop decides on a date suitable for everyone and the plans actually happen, its brilliant. We also love to take Petite Prosecco for pre-drinks too!

You got anything that makes you happy? Drop us a comment and let us know


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