5 reasons you should try Petite Prosecco

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So, you have heard all about Petite Prosecco but yet are still anxious to try us? We can give you 5 strong reasons you should pluck up the courage and order a bottle (or 6) of the new yummy guilt free fizz.

  1. We are only 59 calories.

Finally, low Calorie prosecco is here. Yes, we are just 59 calories per 100ml glass. Most normal Proseccos are around 100-120 calories per glass. Is that not music to your ears? You can drink 2 glasses of Petite Prosecco for the calories of 1 glass! YAY!


  1. We are lower in sugar.

Every bottle Petite Prosecco has just 6 grams of residual sugar.


  1. We are Vegan Friendly

We are suitable for everyone to enjoy! When developing Petite Prosecco, we decided we wanted everyone to love us. So, whatever your lifestyle and diet may be, we are sure you will LOVE Petite Prosecco. We are certified vegan , have a look out for the Vegan logo on all of our bottles.


  1. We are 10.5% ABV

We know you may be thinking “surely a healthy prosecco won’t contain much alcohol.”  Well you are wrong, yes, we do, 10.5% in fact. Halleluiah!

Lower in calories + Less sugar + 10.5% = Perfection


  1. We taste AMAZING!

We may be a little bias, but Petite Prosecco actually does taste great. Guilt Free drinking with the same gorgeous taste means you can enjoy our weekends a lot more than usual now with Petite Prosecco at your side. Pure Bliss!


Have you tried our new Petite Prosecco? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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