5 ways to keep your Prosecco bubbling

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With the summer in full swing you've likely seen your fair share of prosecco up to now. Whilst a bottle can go easy within a large group of friends, what happens when we just fancy 1-2 glasses on a lovely Wednesday evening after a long day at work? We know we can drink the entire bottle to ourselves, but we really don’t want it to go to waste, we certainly aren’t going to pour this yummy Petite Prosecco down the drain. How do we keep it fresh and nice and bubbly for the weekend when we want to drink the rest?

Here are our best ways to keep your bottle of bubbly still bubbling.

  1. Cork it

Keep hold of your cork from when you open the bottle. This can be a struggle to get back into the neck so do be careful if choosing this method.

  1. Spoon

Drop in a little tea spoon into the neck of the bottle, leave the spoon dangling in the bottle and then store in the fridge. Some say the metal of the spoon makes the neck of the bottle colder, which then creates a cold air plug above the warmer Prosecco. This then prevents the gasses in the bottle from rising quickly and keeps the bubbles in. 

  1. Bottle stopper 

You can purchase a bottle stopper which you can use over and over again. So simple to use and completely washable. We like this rose gold coloured one here. Totally matches our cute Petite Prosecco bottle we think.

  1. Keep it cool

When we say cool, we mean extra cool. If you want your Petite Prosecco to stay bubbly, then you must keep it as cold as possible. We recommended filling up a bucket with ice and cold water and then placing in your fridge until you want to drink it again (don’t leave longer than 3 days) If you haven’t got an ice bucket and are planning on using the rest of your prosecco the following day, then you can use your sink. Just simply fill it up with ice and cold water, securely place in your prosecco and it’s all good for the next day.

  1. Cling Film and a rubber band

This is an old method that your grandma may know. It’s a very simple trick that requires you stretching a bit of cling film over the top of the bottle and seal it tightly with a rubber band.  Apparently this trick will work the same as putting a stopper or cork on the bottle to keep the air trapped inside. Who knows, we think it’s worth a try if that’s all’s you have around you.

So, there you have it, 5 easy and cost effective ways to keep your Petite Prosecco bubbly if you only fancy a glass or 2. But let’s face it, 99% off the time you’re going to want to drink the whole bottle and being only 59 calories per glass you can do so feeling absolutely guilt free! (Sorry we can’t say the same about your hangover.) 

Have you got any methods we don’t know about? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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