7 reasons why Petite Prosecco is better than a relationship.

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We all know that being in a relationship can be good, meals out, cinema dates, cuddles when you need them, but, one question we wonder is are they ever as good as Petite Prosecco?

Here are 8 reasons why we think having a bottle of Petite Prosecco at your side is much better than any boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. It doesn’t argue with you

Yes, that’s right, Petite Prosecco will just listen and not talk back.

2. It is always there for you

Having a bad day? Don’t worry, Petite Prosecco will cheer you up.

3.Your parents will be happy when you bring it home.

No awkward meetings or conversations, hoping and praying your parents like your new partner. Bring home a bottle of Petite Prosecco and they will jump for joy in excitement.

 4. It will never judge.

Petite Prosecco will support you in whatever decisions you make, don’t worry.

5.You can share with your friends.

Yes, crack open a bottle and get your friends round for a night in. Sharing is caring!


6.You can have more than one and it isn’t weird.

Greedy? No problem, we understand, Petite Prosecco is too good to
only have 1 bottle.


 7. It makes you feel fantastic.

You love the taste and the fact that is guilt free is just a bonus. Get yourself a bottle of Petite Prosecco and feel fabulous!


Have you got any other reasons Petite Prosecco is better than a relationship? Comment below and let us know!


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