Amount of Exercise Needed To Burn Off 1 Glass of Petite Prosecco

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Petite Prosecco is the guilt free, low calorie prosecco, that can be enjoyed on and off a diet, and as you all know, we are only 59 calories per glass. Being lower in calories and lower in sugar means not much work is needed to burn us off… is that music to your ears or what?

Seems as summer is slowly creeping up on us (August will be here before we know it) we thought it would be handy for those who wish to exercise to know how long you will have to work out in order to burn off 1 glass of Petite Prosecco. Helping you achieve (or maintain) that summer body whilst still enjoying Petite Prosecco. 

Below is a guide according to of the (surprising low) number of minutes needed to burn approx 59 calories with some popular exercises

Aerobics – 9 Minutes
Cycling (Stationary)- 11 Minutes
Running- 6 Minutes
Jogging – 8 Minutes
Rope Jump (Skipping)- 7 Minutes
Stair Treadmill- 9 Minutes
Swimming- 6 Minutes
Walking Uphill- 9 Minutes
Weight Lifting (Medium Effort)- 13 Minutes 


Did you know that even everyday activities can help burn the calories, household chores never felt so good. Glass of chilled Petite Prosecco at the ready after the following duties has been completed please; 

Vacuuming - 25 Minutes
Mowing Lawn- 20 Minutes 
Food Shopping (with or without cart) - 39 Minutes
General House Cleaning- 33 Minutes

This guide will hopefully help you work out how much exercise is needed for the amount of Petite Prosecco glasses you enjoy. Our aim is to be able to love and experience life - guilt free, and at only 59 Calories per glass, we will have the whole bottle please!

Low Calorie Prosecco = Guilt Free drinking at its best! 

What is your favourite exercise? Comment below and let us know.

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