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Naturally, when you love prosecco you've got to love cheese as well, right? It's the rules. So do we have a treat for you...

Raspberry and Prosecco Wensleydale cheese.

Ok it sounds insane, but it's not as crazy as it sounds.

The cheese wheel which can be exclusively purchased from The Great British Cheese Company, describes the cheese as having a "supple and crumbly texture and a milky freshness, paired with fruit such as Cranberries, the acidity cuts through rich cheese resulting in a balanced flavour. Paring Prosecco and Raspberry with Wensleydale produces savoury, sweet and acidic flavour combinations." Which, we think, sounds amazing. 

It's such a hit, that it's currently SOLD OUT. However, keep your eyes peeled, because when it comes back it is priced at only £4.50. (Bargain!)

If only it was Petite Prosecco infused....😅

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