Quick and Easy Petite Prosecco Cocktails.

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Love prosecco? Love Cocktails? Here are some quick and easy steps to make gorgeous cocktails using guilt free Petite Prosecco at home!

Petite Prosecco Peach Bellini

This is such a simple cocktail to make and a real favourite.

All’s you need is:


Pure 1 tsp of peach puree into the bottom of a chilled prosecco glass, fill the rest of the glass with our low calorie Prosecco, stir slowly and enjoy! (You can add a peach slice for garnish if you wish.)

English Garden

This refreshing cocktail will cleanse the palette and revitalise your taste buds.

All’s you need is:


Add the elderflower and gin into a prosecco glass, add Petite Prosecco to the mixture, stir slowly and enjoy! (Add Mint Leaves and Cucumber to garnish.)

Bakewell Fizz

Do you LOVE Bakewell Tarts? If so, then this cocktail is for you!

All’s you need is:


Soak the cherries in Kirsch for as long as possible (if you are planning this the night before is best, but an hour will be fine for quickness.)

Place 1-2 cherries into the bottom of a prosecco glass and add 1tsp of kirsch. Top up the glass with one-part Dissaronno and 3 parts Petite Prosecco.

Limoncello Raspberry Cooler

This citrus beverage is so refreshing and perfect for summer nights.

All’s you need is:


Add 2-3 frozen raspberries to an ice cold chilled prosecco glass.

Pour 1 part limoncello and 3 parts Petite Prosecco. Stir Slowly and enjoy!


Have you got any recipes we should know about? Comment below and let us know!  


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