The 6 stages of a prosecco hangover

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Petite Prosecco can sure help you have a guilt free, low calorie night out, but we can’t say the same for your hangover. We dread nothing more than a hangover, and we find that there are a few different types of hangovers… 6 types to be exact.

Level 1- Got Away With it. 

You went far last night but wake up with mounds of energy considering you drank lots of prosecco and only had 3 hours sleep. Hoping to heavens that it doesn’t creep on you later on in the day. It’s nothing a good walk and a McDonalds can’t sort out.


Level 2-  Feeling Strange

You’re not in pain but you can feel that something isn’t right. Your actual appearance is good, you look ok, but you actually don’t feel too good. Your craving certain foods such as crisps and sweets and just can’t shake the thirst no matter how many bottles of coca cola you drink.



Level 3- Not Productive

You have a slight headache and your stomach feels slightly dodgy. You are not your usual productive self, your idea of heaven today is curling up on the sofa and watching re-runs of The Only Way is Essex, not sat in work. Sorry boss, but no work will be getting done today.

Level 4- Say No to Life

At the moment you just cannot function with everyday life. Your headache is actually throbbing and feels like you have tiny people inside your brain with a hammer against it. You still have last night’s makeup on and have zero intentions of taking it off any time soon. Showers can wait, you need your bed all day long and certainy don’t want to check your sent messages from last night around 3am.



Level 5- What the Hell Happened?

Your own head doesn’t feel like it’s screwed on at the moment. The thought of another alcoholic beverage is turning your stomach. You have to keep the bathroom on standby for any vomit episodes and you certainly don’t remember a single thing from the night before. Where did you go, who did you speak too, and who you drunk text? Shame!



Level 6- Why Me?

You’re not even sure your alive right now. Are you still drunk? The room is spinning 100 miles per hour and you can’t even keep a sip of water down at the moment. The headache is worse than ever before, and you think you could possibly maybe be dead. You done so well sticking to the diet and drinking Petite Prosecco, to ruining it with a pizza and chips on the way home. You swear to never drink again because the thought of another hangover like this is deathly. However we all know that is a lie.




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