Things you didn’t know about Prosecco

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Whatever the weather prosecco is an easy drinking beverage that tastes amazing and we Brits LOVE it. So much so, according to the Express last year alone we all drank a record 140 MILLION bottles of fizz. WOW!

Prosecco is always here for us, so we thought you should know some facts about the tasty bubbles.

1. Prosecco is made from the Gerla Grape. It can be made with various others such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but the Gerla is the most popular and tasty.
2. Its name comes from the town called Prosecco. Located in a suburb or Trieste in Italy, lies a small village Prosecco, which our little friend was created.
3. It is affordable because of how it is fermented. In a tank, which is a more efficient method than how champagne is created. Making Prosecco a less expensive product than champagne. YAY!
4. The original Bellini recipe used prosecco instead of champagne. We are currently chilling the bottle to make our own guilt free, Petite Prosecco versions tonight.
5. It has fewer calories than wine. Petite Prosecco itself only has 59 calories per glass. Whereas other Prosecco’s have approx. 90 calories, yet a glass of wine is around 130 calories. Less Calories means we can drink more of it. Mmm!
6. Petite Prosecco is Vegan Friendly. Completed certified vegan, so no worries everyone can enjoy us!

Have you got any fun prosecco facts for us? Leave a comment and let us know. 


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