Unique Bars we want to enjoy Petite Prosecco in.

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It’s no secret that the UK love a quirky and unique bar, every month there seems to be new creative ideas popping up for people to enjoy a glass (or bottle) of prosecco in. We love that bar owners are going above and beyond to actually give customers an experience when venturing on a night out, it all adds to the fun, and we love it!.

Here’s a list of our favourite individual bars we would LOVE to indulge a bottle of Petite Prosecco in:

Name: Coppa Club

Location: Tower Bridge, London

Okay so all’s you need to know Coppa Club has outside Igloos. Yes, you can drink inside an igloo, in the UK! Need we say more? Inside is built around a central, brass bar that’s open on all-sides, the outside terrace is designed to see the famous Tower Bridge. However, if you fancy somewhere more private the bar offers igloo style pods to enjoy your food and drink in. These change themes as the seasons change. We are sold!



Name: Silvano's

Location: Nottinghamshire

This family run business is busy converting a 1968 route master London bus into a bar. How cool is that? The bus will be parked in Bridge Field, London. People will be able sit outside under an awning or explore the upstairs lounge of the bus. 


Name: Ice Bar

Location: London

Yes, that’s right, a bar made from ice. This whole place is carved out of the strongest ice and maintained at a crisp -5°C, Ice Bar is the UK’s only bar permanently frozen solid.

Everything inside the bar is frozen all walls, bars, tables and even your own personal glasses are skilfully sculptured using ice. But don’t worry, you won’t freeze, the bar gives you a coat and set of gloves for you to enjoy whilst spending time there. We wouldn’t mind a glass of Petite Prosecco in the ice bar. Would you?



Name: Sketch

Location: London

Every Instagram lover’s dream lies here. We are yet to visit, but this place is definitely on our to-do list when in the capital city. Sketch is an extremely unique site. Conceived by French master chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur Mourad Mazouz, it has become extremely popular for its food, drink and entertainment styles since it opened in December 2002. With a total of 5 bars and restaurants in the complex, we can’t help but picture how stunning a bottle of Low Calorie Petite Prosecco would look against all that gorgeous décor.



In the meantime, we will settle for an ice-cold bottle of Guilt Free Petite Prosecco in the comfort of our own home. That definitely works for us. *Bliss*

Have you visited any interesting venues whilst on your adventures? We would LOVE to know, drop us a comment and tell us where.


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