Ever Wondered 'Where Can I Buy Vegan Prosecco?' Petite Prosecco Got The Answer For You.

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Lately, people are much more conscious of the foods they are consuming into their bodies. There seems to be a big change in diets, lifestyle habits, opting to go vegetarian or vegan and looking into what is actually in the foods they are eating, how they are processed and made. However, we couldn’t help but wonder instead of food, do people ever look into what is added into the drinks they are drinking?

There are many drinks on the market, especially alcoholic ones, that do contain traces of animals such as gelatine, casein and isinglass which people may not have even realised. Can you imagine being a vegetarian/vegan and finding out your drink contained animal traces, after you had drank it. It really is a frightening thought to think that we are essentially unaware what goes into our food and drink.

For this reason, we at Petite Prosecco decided to develop our prosecco to be completely vegan friendly. Increasingly, people are changing their lifestyles to vegan (which is predicted to be the biggest food trend in 2018) so why not have a prosecco on the market that’s is suitable for vegans and can be an option for everyone?  We want Petite Prosecco to be versatile, whatever your lifestyle and diet may be, we are sure you will LOVE this new Italian sparkling wine. Petite Prosecco is a sociable drink that everyone can share together.

Unfortunately, there is no legal requirements to have ingredient labels on wines in the UK (hoping that this changes this soon.) Therefore, Petite Prosecco want to assure you all that our prosecco is completely certified vegan. Every one of our bottles are stamped with the official logos, so you can always have that piece of mind.


Have you recently adapted a vegan lifestyle? We would love to hear your stories, comment below and tell us.





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